Introduction to Our Services

Photo courtesy of Lynsey Stone at

Photo courtesy of Lynsey Stone at

With the foundational beliefs that pregnancy and birth are normal and healthy events in a woman’s life and that a woman’s body is uniquely designed by God to give birth, we provide care to women and their families with a holistic approach. Pregnancy and birth do not affect a woman’s physical being alone, but there are also social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs as well. Our care reflects this understanding.

Families are always encouraged to participate. Husbands, children, and other significant people in the woman’s life are welcome to be involved with the prenatal care, during labor and birth, and afterwards.

An important part of our role as a midwife is to provide clients with information and education so they can make fully informed decisions. Women will make decisions about which prenatal lab tests they want done, what topics we will discuss during appointments, which family members and friends they want to attend their birth, and how they will give birth.

The choice to birth at home or at a birth center means the woman is the director of her own unique experience. She is supported to find her own rhythm during labor, free to eat and drink as she wants, and chooses what position she will give birth in. We will monitor the mother and her baby throughout the labor to ensure their safety, but our involvement beyond that is up to the woman. Some women need hands-on support such as massage through the entire labor while other women desire only the quiet presence of their midwife or even privacy. Births are natural, without the use of pain medications, and with the help of time-tested comfort measures and support from those the woman chooses to have with her during her labor. Water births are an available option. A baby is always placed in the mom’s embrace at birth and is never separated from the family so bonding begins gently and immediately. Monitoring and examining the baby is safely done in the mother’s arms or at her side.

If there are any issues requiring more frequent attention, extra appointments will be scheduled.

We are always available by phone or email for questions or concerns. If it’s not an emergency, clients are encouraged to contact us during the daytime or evening. If it is an emergency, clients are welcome to call us anytime day or night.