Utmost respect and confidence

Two years ago I had never considered using a midwife. It seemed so foreign. Like something other people did—just not us. We had a traditional hospital labor and delivery with our first son. While he is a happy and healthy joy to our lives, many aspects of the pregnancy and delivery felt out of our hands. We complied with the recommendations of doctors and nurses because that is what everyone around us had done.

I happened to meet a handful of women who had used midwives when we moved to Arlington. Their descriptions made it sound so natural (as it should!). I found out I was expecting and several obstetricians and many hours of waiting later, we decided to give Christy a call. From the first moments of our meeting I knew it was a wonderful fit for us.

Christy put all decision making into our hands from the beginning. She tirelessly answered the many questions that we had. She helped us address concerns that come along with bringing along another life. Christy was fully present during every appointment, never making us wait or rushing us. She was always available in between appointments by phone or email. She makes it a family affair. I always felt that our two-year-old was welcome and he loved being part of it. The prenatal care, alone, that Christy provides is wonderful in every way.

The labor and delivery for our second son was a relatively short, intense couple of hours. Once we arrived at the birthing center, just hearing Christy’s voice helped me relax. I knew what to expect from our many conversations and there were no surprises. She helped me get comfortable (as much as possible) and was an excellent coach. My husband and I were never separated from our son and were able to head home hours after delivering. I enjoyed sleeping in my own bed and having our two-year-old wake up to his new brother.

I only wish we had known more about midwifery sooner. Our experience with Christy far exceeded our expectations. I wish everyone could have the utmost respect and confidence in their provider as we did. It makes me want another baby… almost!
— Jodie
Christy Martin