What a gift!

When I met Christy, I immediately knew that God had led me to the midwife who would help me birth my baby (even though initially, I was apprehensive about an out-of-hospital birth). She always took the time to explain to me the changes that my body was going through and helped me to ease any doubts that I had as I went through pregnancy for the first time. When I met her then-student-midwife Kelley, I loved the additional perspective she offered at my appointments: that of a mother. My 42+ week journey through pregnancy took me on a roller coaster of emotions and they were there for every minute: cheering me on and holding my hand. My son’s birth was more than I could have ever dreamed, and I felt like I gained life-long friends in the process (so much so that even though I have moved half a country away, I still plan on having Christy at my next birth...whenever that may be!). What a gift these two women are to the expectant mothers of DFW!
— Nicole
Christy Martin