Extensive experience

Christy Martin first came into our lives during a very unfortunate time; I was told by my chiropractor and mutual friend to go see Christy for some tests in very early pregnancy as I was facing impending miscarriage. We had never met before, but we immediately bonded as she supported us emotionally and spiritually during one of the hardest times of our lives.

When I became pregnant again, there was no question that we would choose Christy as our midwife, no other interviews were necessary. Her compassionate spirit coupled with evident skill made us confident that she was the perfect match for us. We were very anxious about the fate of our fragile pregnancy (because of previous loss), but our fears were eased as Christy guided us through tests and supplementation to ensure a healthy growing baby. It was so comforting to know that Christy was just a phone call away if I ever had a question or just needed to talk through my feelings/fears.

We met a few bumps in the road throughout my pregnancy (some that I’m sure would have categorized me as “high risk” had I been under less experienced and individualized care) but were able to remedy them with nutritional and lifestyle changes. Christy was always proactive if ever a problem arose, and I felt confident that her extensive experience aided her in helping us make the necessary changes for me to stay healthy. We always walked away from our prenatal appointments encouraged, supported, and filled with a growing excitement to meet our baby! I cannot express enough how invaluable it was for me to have Christy to talk to about any and all aspects of my pregnancy. Her warm and caring spirit made us so comfortable and we truly knew we were getting the best prenatal care possible.

The birth of our son was the single most amazing, life-changing moment of our lives. We chose to have a waterbirth at home, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Christy’s quiet presence, skilled hands, and gentle coaching helped us bring our son into the world in such a beautiful celebration of God’s goodness. There are no other hands that I would have wanted my son to be born into.

Christy continued to be a strong support for us throughout my postpartum period. As new parents, we had many questions about newborns and what was “normal” so it was such a comfort to have her to turn to. Our son had a severe case of colic and Christy provided a constant source of compassion and support to this worn-down new mommy. I’m not sure what I would have done without her shoulder to cry on!

It was clear throughout my prenatal, birth, and postpartum period that we were in the most loving and capable hands. Every parent wants to do what’s best for their child, even from conception and birth, and we thank God that He brought us Christy because she was that and more!
— Kate Cole
Christy Martin