An instant connection

There are no words that could begin to explain what Christy and Kelli mean to me. My husband and I both knew the second we left our interview with Christy that we wanted her to be our midwife. We also had an instant connection with Kelli, who was Christy’s apprentice at the time. We decided to have Kelli act as our primary midwife under Christy’s supervision. They made such an awesome team!! Every minute we spent with them was a joy. There was always lots of laughter at our meetings and we never felt rushed. Nothing was off-topic and we talked about it all. I was never pressured into anything and I was encouraged to research choices for myself before making a decision on anything. All of my choices were taken seriously and honored throughout my pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum.

Kelli is an amazing person and midwife. She has a way about her that makes you feel at ease. She has gone through pregnancy and birth twice and I loved asking her questions and knowing that she had been through what I was going through. She is vibrant, funny, and so nurturing and supportive. She is one of those people that you just want to be around. She is such a positive, encouraging presence and she really does light up a room. She is so confident and good at what she does that my husband and I both remarked that we would have never known she was an apprentice. She is truly a special person and an incredible midwife. She was a little shining light for me through some rough times during my pregnancy and after.

Christy is wise, warm, and comforting. I have never seen her be anything but calm and peaceful. She truly has a gift from God and is absolutely brilliant at what she does. You would think she has been doing this for 100 years. I don’t think there is anything she doesn’t know or anything she can’t handle. My daughter didn’t breathe for over 5 minutes after she was born. Christy handled it beautifully and confidently and I felt so safe knowing that she was taking care of my baby. I know if I would have been in a hospital, the cord would have been cut and my baby swiftly taken away. Instead, I got to hold her and talk to her while Christy gave her mouth to mouth, oxygen, and suctioned her until she took a breath, all while she was still getting blood and oxygen through her cord.

Christy and Kelli were both so encouraging during my long and difficult labor. I remember saying, “I don’t think I can do this”, and they replied,”you ARE doing it!” It was so empowering to hear those words.

It feels so wonderful knowing that my baby was born in such a natural, calm, and loving environment. Kelli and Christy gave that to me. I was honored and so lucky to have them as a part of my baby’s birth.

They were so much more than my midwives. They were my friends and therapists and my shoulders to cry on during those rough postpartum days. It has now been almost 16 months since my daughter’s birth and I still wouldn’t hesitate to call or text them if I needed something. I love them and they will always hold a very special place in my heart.
— Halley
Christy Martin