There through every trial

Calvin Klein is my fashion B.F.F., Beethoven and Mumford my musical other halves. Kelli Bankes is my midwifery soul mate. Beyond the fact that she genuinely adores the babies she helps bring into the world and the women who carry them, Kelli is a fabulous mix of enthusiasm, understanding, and matter-of-factness.

Pregnancy has never been easy for me. In fact it’s my least favorite state of existence, but this last one was by far the hardest. It was Kelli that made those 10 long months survivable. When were rushed to the hospital with a pre-term labor scare, Kelli came with and sat with us for hours while we waited for news. She was a calming, reassuring presence in one of the scariest moments of our lives. When my blood sugar numbers were high (as they always are in the 3rd tri), Kelli gave me the encouragement I needed to make responsible dietary decisions (A.K.A no carbs, fruit or any kind of sugar. So Hard!). When we were waiting on a short-sale and living in a hotel a week from my due date and Christmas, Kelli prayed with me, assuring me that whatever happened God was with us (even if he didn’t seem to be). She cried a little with me too. And a few days later, when I was pushing a 6-and-a-half pound human out of my “Lady”, Kelli held my hand (when she wasn’t holding my hair and the puke bowl) and reminded me to be patient with my body and myself. Through every trial Kelli helped me remember that a miracle was happening. Even on the hardest days, she inspired excited anticipation and delight in my heart for our “Surprise!” Somehow, Kelli was always who I needed when I needed.

Always a quick text away, ready to allay a fear or, if need be, validate a worry, she would even send me spontaneous messages letting me know that she was praying for me. There is no doubt that she has been an immense blessing to me and my family. I thank God for Kelli often (much, much more than I do for Calvin Klein, Beethoven, or Mumford).

Like many midwives, Kelli trusts that women’s bodies know what they are doing. She knows that this is a God ordained process that includes learning curves and hurdles for us burgeoning ladies. And she is ready and excited to be part of her clients’ journeys. I would recommend her to my dearest friends… if they would only hurry up and get pregnant. And I wholeheartedly, positively, without a doubt commend her to you.
— Gina Gallutia
Christy Martin