All about you making your own decisions

My husband and I after 10 years of marriage decided that we wanted to have our first child. We had already had good recommends to go to a midwife, and I was so very excited about that. We didn’t do a whole lot of looking around, we went to a birthing center and Christy was available to show us around the place and to take the time to talk to us and answer any questions we had. I knew that Christy was definitely who I wanted to have for my midwife because she was just comfortable with herself and confident in what she does. In turn that makes me feel at peace, being that this would be my first child.

One of the awesome things that I love about Christy is that she is all about you making your own decisions. She will give you information to research, but ultimately the ball is in your court. During my pregnancy I would brag so much about her to my friends because she was just so informative and if I wasn’t sure about something I should take she always had an herbal recommendation that was safe to use. Christy also helped me stay accountable to what I was eating, and that was a big help. I really appreciated how she also involved my husband and related to both of us every time we came for a visit. Yes, it’s about mommy and baby, but she doesn’t forget daddy.

Our son arrived on May 6, 2010, we came in to deliver at around 1 a.m and he was born in the water at 4:53 a.m. I labored in my home until it was time. I felt so very prepared to be at home during that time and well informed from Christy’s council I knew exactly what to do and I never had a moment of total freak out. The time that we were at the birthing center with Christy, she let me do my thing, and I felt very comfortable and excited, because I was delivering our son and I was completely aware of it all! Such a glorious time. Christy and I connect on a spiritual level, so she lifted me up in prayer and praise during delivery and all was well. Afterwards, my husband, son and I were well taken care of. Justus, my son, was very well monitored and looked over. Soon we were off to home with our newborn baby.

Christy is a joyful person, and she does take her time with you seriously and has a strength about her that gives you a sense of security. I appreciate that she empowered me and cared for me during a very special time in my life. I highly recommend anyone to choose her as a midwife.
— Crystal Hinds
Christy Martin