Perfectly-timed words

The Bates family is forever grateful for the countless ways God used you to see Olivia’s birth a success. Your caring concern before the birth, incredible confidence during labor and delivery, and compassionate heart in holding and praying for Olivia were so honoring to our Lord. Thank you for truly loving our family. We are still awestruck by how God answered our prayers during the labor and birth. He used you in very specific ways. The words you spoke during the tough contractions and during the pushing stage couldn’t have been more perfect in timing. As I described our birth experience to a friend recently she said, “Sounds so civilized.” We couldn’t have asked for a more dignified and “civilized” way to bring Olivia into the world. Thank you for helping to make that happen. I feel so empowered as a mother and will forever treasure the experience and testify to God’s goodness. We love you Christy!
— Bates family
Christy Martin