Always went above and beyond

From a dad's perspective:

Christy could not have been a better midwife for Malinee and me. From the very first appointment she always went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and she was always willing to take the time to address any concerns we had, no matter how small. I’m still amazed at Christy’s willingness to make time for us on any day at any hour regardless of the issue.

I must admit, even though Malinee felt very positive about it, that I was skeptical of doing a homebirth, but Christy’s knowledge of the subject, professionalism and attitude quickly won me over and I was on board in no time. It was wonderful to see the growth in Malinee’s positive attitude and confidence with each visit with Christy. We just knew that whatever worries we may have had or whatever questions remained unanswered we could count on Christy being able to dig into all of that experience of hers and find the answers or reassurances that would put us at ease.

During the birth Christy and her apprentices were amazing, staying focused on the baby while at the same time doing everything necessary to ensure that Malinee would be as comfortable as possible. It was wonderful having such a great support staff to reassure Malinee when the going got tough and to help her focus when she needed that extra bit of strength. Even after the birth Christy and Angela stayed at the house for several more hours helping us to get comfortable with our new baby girl and not leaving until they were certain that we had everything that we needed to make a smooth transition.

Malinee and I can honestly say that Christy was instrumental in helping us have the most amazing birthing experience we could have imagined. She continues to be there for us after the birth and we are so grateful for the care she has given us. It is rare when you can meet somebody and be willing to welcome them into your family after only having known them for such a short time but that’s just how it is with Christy.
— Josh, Malinee & May
Christy Martin