Most amazing 22 hours of my life


Crazy I remember so vividly the day I walked into the birth center to get some info and Christy was sitting behind the front desk because she had a cancellation so she took a minute to talk to Justry and I. She urged us to interview a few midwives before we made the decision. We knew on the drive home that Christy would be guiding us through this pregnancy and birth. So we called her a few days later and hired her!

What was supposed to be an exciting day, our appointment that we could hear the heart beat turned out to be the saddest day. We couldn't hear it. I was crushed.

I didn't want to rush into a sonogram so we decided to wait it out and come back at the end of the week. I was a wreck, but all these emotions really helped me process the pregnancy. No one knew we were pregnant, and I found myself turning to my mom. That conversation at her house forever changed me as a woman and our relationship.

All in all my pregnancy was textbook healthy and joyous!


The 3 weeks I carried Lux past my due date was emotionally exhausting and truly tested mine and Justry's marriage. I was a wreck and he kept me strong. He never once faltered that everything was going to be ok. Everyday that passed I was terrified that all my hard work towards a natural birth would end up in a hospital induction.

Because of my activity and nutrition my baby and placenta were healthy, and Christy and I trusted birth and were willing to let Lux pick her birthday.

We had hired a sweet girl named Gina to be our doula. She is one of the strongest women I know, and she helped me through my 22 hours of labor. I never once doubted myself or my body in those 22 hours. She wouldn't let me.

I got regular adjustments by Dr Jim Bob. He's this crazy Chiropractor who works mainly on kids and pregnant women. He kept my body in line so it could grow with the baby, and I had a pretty painless 43 weeks. He even came in on his day off to adjust me during labor! I am grateful for his skill and knowledge.


Justry was an amazing support throughout the whole pregnancy. He got up at the butt crack of dawn to walk the dogs with me, and cooked me so many breakfasts, ate endless pots of greens, drank herbal teas with me. And kept a glass of water near me always. He reminded me to take my vitamins, and that it was OK to eat a little ice cream now and then. 


My labor and birth was truly the most amazing 22 hours of my life. There is something magical about just you and your husband bringing your child into the world. These midwives provide a service that is truly misunderstood by most of this country.

I had my last post partum appointment with Christy today. We laughed and cried. So the journey to motherhood has ended today. Now I'm here, a momma to this sweet little girl! Justry and I have started our family and I love this NEW journey we are on!

Christy Martin