Beyond amazing

I’d had two evenings earlier in the week of “practice” labor, and didn’t want to get ahead of myself, so when I started having low, relatively hard contractions around 5 pm April 12, I kept going about my business, and didn’t even say anything to my husband until about an hour later. After walking around the house and up and down the street for a while, I decided this was probably the real thing and around 9ish we called my mom so she could come and stay with our 2 yr old, Jackson. We didn’t leave the house until 10, however since my mom had accidentally switched her phone off. I had progressed pretty quickly and my contractions were way more intense than I remember them being with my first, and I had the lovely privilege of making the journey from Fort Worth to Argyle on all fours in the back seat, praying that I wouldn’t give birth on the side of I-35! A few contractions in my water the back seat...which was just nasty. So in between contractions I took off my pants and shirt and (poorly) attempted to wipe the seat. Must’ve been quite a sight when we arrived at the Birth Center and I wandered up the sidewalk fully prego in my undies and a (non-maternity) tank top! Once I saw Christy come into view I felt a million times better – I was now free to relax that baby on out! I know Christy was pretty happy she wasn’t delivering on the side of I-35 too...

I had decided beforehand to try a water birth this second time around - but when Christy informed me that they had been trying but the hot water wasn’t working for some reason, I couldn’t have cared less! I made a bee-line for the bed and carried on with those superbly intense contractions! My first birth was a nice progression that built, and I had down time to really relax in between contractions, but Caleb was coming hard and fast! I can hardly remember down time between contractions and the contractions themselves were WAY more intense than I remembered. Not too long after we got there, making his entrance just after midnight, Caleb was born into his daddy’s arms and all was well with the world! My mom, husband, two close friends, and my sweet little 2 yr old were all there to welcome Caleb, along with the superb midwife team lead by THE Christy Martin! I tore and was still bleeding, so while I was being so lovingly cared for, my husband got to hop in my herbal bath and clean Caleb (which made for some wonderful pictures – especially when they “reenacted” a water birth!). Apparently the pilot light on the water heater had blown out the night before, so at just the right time there was no hot water. I’m so thankful for that since I bled more than usual and it was much easier to take care of outside of the tub!

The births of both of my children have been beyond amazing and I have learned so much about God’s amazing design, His character, and His blessings. With Caleb’s I really reflected a lot on how life comes out of the brokenness of a body, how there is such joy that comes after suffering, and how we are graciously allowed a glimpse of the reality of the suffering of Jesus in order to bring forth life. What an honor! I’m excited to do it all over again!

Christy Martin