Our Philosophy

Photo courtesy of Lynsey Stone at  www.dfwbirthphotographer.com

Photo courtesy of Lynsey Stone at www.dfwbirthphotographer.com

I just want to say thanks again for helping to support such a beautiful birth for my baby! It was wonderful and to this day I’m in awe of it! God gave you a wonderful gift and passion for seeing babies into the world and comforting their mamas while they are on the way! Thanks for everything you did. We will NEVER forget it!
— Jake & Erica
God has uniquely designed a woman’s body to carry, nourish and give birth to her babies. Pregnancy and birth are normal and healthy experiences for most women.

Midwives are guardians of normal birth. Midwifery care is both an art and a science requiring sensitive, compassionate care for the needs of each women and her family as well as knowing how and when to intervene to promote safety. Any intervention should be rare, and decisions should be made in partnership with each woman.

Your midwife's role is to partner with you, providing education and support as you make decisions related to your care during your pregnancy, birth, and on afterward.

A holistic approach is a must, knowing that a woman’s pregnancy and birth and entrance to motherhood are significant life events requiring care for her physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Families are central and are always encouraged to participate. Husbands, children and other significant people in a woman’s life are welcome to be involved.

Labor and birth have their own rhythm and pace. A woman should be supported by the presence of loved ones, with encouragement and hands-on help to move, vocalize, and trust that her body is working as it’s created to, and that she can birth her baby.