Meet The Midwife

Christy Martin CPM, LM

Gentle, safe, joyful and miraculous; these are my desires for how you experience your birth! As your midwife I will work with you in providing prenatal care for your pursuit of a healthy pregnancy so that you can prepare for the birth that you desire. My love for working with families during this special time came about as I was completing my training as a nurse and attending both in hospital and out-of-hospital births. The dramatic difference I was seeing firsthand as I worked with a certified nurse-midwife helping families welcome their babies at home was amazing. These experiences provided me with a strong foundation for understanding pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy processes, with midwifery care being an excellent and safe option for women and their families. 

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Photo courtesy of Lynsey Stone at

After obtaining my nursing degree I worked as a Registered Nurse for four and a half years, with time spent in Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, and Newborn Nursery. I experienced a variety of situations during this time that allowed me to continue developing my passion, skills, and heart for serving women during pregnancy, birth, and afterwards. My heart felt called to do something more, and in 2004 I began my training in midwifery through a program that allowed me to serve in developing countries. For the next two years I worked towards my Certified Professional Midwife certification, providing free maternity services to impoverished women and their families in Manila, Philippines and Tanzania, East Africa.  These experiences were invaluable and life changing for me as a person and as a midwife! In 2006 I became Certified Professional Midwife with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and began serving families in both birth center and home birth environments. 

Your pregnancy is a significant time in your life and I’m honored each time a family chooses to include me as a part of their journey. I’m so excited that you are considering choosing a midwife to care for you during this time, and can’t wait for you to experience the unique and wonderful difference that the midwifery model of care offers!